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Map with water towers in east-central IL, click for LARGER image


Want your town's water tower added to the map? Send a jpg to the webmaster.

  • Next Member Meeting: Tues, May 13, 10 AM at ISWS, Speaker: Andrew Levy, Champaign Co. Regional Planning Commission, A Program to Establish a Water Supply Management Framework (Click here for Google map)
  • Next Board Meeting: Tues, May 13, 1 PM, at IAWC, 201 Devonshire Dr., Champaign (Click here for Google map)
  • Most recent MAC newsletter Dec 2012 (352 KB)

  • Groundwater info: Mahomet aquifer well in Champaign Co., Shallow well in Champaign Co.
  • Streamflow info: USGS current streamflow info, Sangamon River at Fisher, Monticello & Petersburg
  • Reservoir info: National Weather Service daily stage report, Lake Springfield

  • Private Well Class dot Org-- a new website offering on-line education for private well owners & users.
  • Online webinars: How your private well works, Proper care of your private well & Water quality and your private well

  • NEWS:
  • USEPA hosts free webcast on "Waters of the U.S. Proposed Rule" from 1-3 pm ET, April 7. It will teach viewers about the recent USEPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers jointly released proposed rule to clarify protection under the Clean Water Act for streams and wetlands that form the foundation of the nation's water resources. The webcast will provide a broad overview of the proposed rule and its costs and benefits. Register for the webcast here. Read the proposed rule here.
  • Editorials/news about the Mahomet aquifer SSA: News-Gazette, March 18th & the Pantagraph
  • USEPA, Region 5 seeks comments on Sole Source Aquifer petition for the Mahomet aquifer system. Comments due by June 12, mtgs scheduled in Champaign on May 13th and Morton on May 14th.
  • April 11, UIUC hosts Illinois Water Day 2014. This event runs from 2-6 PM at the Yeh Center.
  • Mar 20: The City of Decatur's Search for Water in the Sangamon Desert, Keith Alexander at the Hydraulic Engineering Luncheon, Urbana. More info
  • WATERLIFE, March 11, 7PM, Art Theater, Champaign, presented by the UIUC Program in Law and Philosophy and The Land Conservation Foundation, more info
  • Hunter Lake update, SJR March 4 2014
  • Update on the Mahomet Aquifer Working Group, chaired by Sen. Chapin Rose-- read this News-Gazette column.
  • California drought news-- how do they handle them? read more
  • Lake Decatur $90M dredging plans move forward-- Read the Herald & Review report
  • AG Madigan appeals IPCB order re: chemical waste unit at Clinton. read more
  • New national campaign-- Water is your business, sponsored by the US Chamber of Commerce and National Assoc of Water Companies.
  • 855/H20-WELL: A new hotline operated by the National Ground Water Association for private water well owners. The hotline, (855) H20-WELL (855-420-9355), was established to help well owners who have questions relating to water quality such as water testing and treatment, well maintenance and construction, and groundwater protection. Hotline is available from 10am-4 pm Mon through Fri (except holidays). Questions may also be directed via e-mail to
  • Clinton Landfill news: IPCB dismisses lawsuit filed by landfill opponents, read more in the Pantagraph
  • MAC becomes a member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency   click to go to AWE website
  • IEPA launches website about Clinton Landfill 3 in July 2013, read the Pantagraph story
  • On March 11, PSA released asking citizens to contact USEPA and to support the SSA designation. View it on the City of Champaign website.
  • News-Gazette story on SSA mtg in Champaign with USEPA's Bill Spaulding.
  • New bumper sticker circulating-- developed by group promoting Sole Source Aquifer>>> new bumper sticker
  • Homer mayor discusses value of water to his east-central Illinois town
  • Sole source aquifer links-- USEPA region 2: Petition guidance, USEPA region 6: SSA fact sheet, USEPA region 10: project review & USEPA region 10: Q&A
  • The Source Source Aquifer petition for the Mahomet aquifer is now on the City of Champaign’s website. The petition was submitted by Champaign, Normal, Urbana, U of I, Savoy, Delavan, Mahomet, Mansfield, and Gilman on Dec 12th.
  • MAC on SSA designation-- At this time, MAC will remain neutral on designating the Mahomet aquifer as a sole source aquifer. Our understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the sole source aquifer program is incomplete. More info
  • Info regarding USEPA's sole source aquifer program-- read the report commissioned by MAC (rec'd 10/9/12)
    City of Champaign's Mahomet Aquifer page-- Designating the Mahomet aquifer as an SSA & Layne report available here
  • Read MAC's Strategic and Action Plans
  • MAC releases an educational video and Powerpoint presentation. Go to Teacher's Info for more info or
    YouTube video: part 1 (12:41), part 2 (6:41), part 3 (10:07)

Water Resources Planning in East-Central Illinois

[mail address= P.O. Box 7318, Champaign, IL 61826-7318,
Project Coordinator: Robbie Berg of Earth Partners]

  • RWSPC Stakeholders mtg, Sept 13, 2013, Decatur, IL-- great mtg, 55 attendees, more info
  • Link to RWSPC final report.
  • Link to the Committee's WWW site (Check here for mtg dates and directions.)
  • RWSPC status and future direction-- Al Wehrmann reviews the status and discusses the future for both planning committees (posted Nov 11, 2008)
  • Link to ISWS Water Supply Planning WWW site
  • Gary Clark's discussion of Water Law in Illinois (PDF of 3/30 presentation)
  • Responsibilities of the Committee, IDNR & the Surveys
  • Read State & Regional Water-Supply Planning in Illinois to learn why planning is needed and where to get more info.
  • Governor announces water supply study. (includes Executive Order 2006-1)
  • SIU report-- County-level forecasts of water use in Illinois: 2005-2025, [ view abstract or download PDF (8 MB)]
  • ASCE reviews state water resources planning in the 50 states. Read more
  • Openlands releases their Troubled Waters report (click for fact sheet or report.)
  • Links: NE Illinois Water Resources Planning Committee

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