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Mahomet Aquifer Consortium

Mission Statement: To further study the Mahomet aquifer system, the river basins and surface waters located in the 15 county regional water supply planning area and to develop and recommend options for the planning and management of these valuable public resources.

Materials for Teachers

MAC's World of Water

    This Powerpoint presentation was developed by the Mahomet Aquifer Consortium as a tool for discussing water supply and use in east-central Illinois schools. The Powerpoint files and supplementary materials are available for download as MS Word and PDF documents. We even converted the Powerpoint file to 2 YouTube videos (due to length constraints). The presentation was developed and narrated by Derek Winstanley with review by the MAC Board and Advisors.

  • Powerpoint presentation: Powerpoint file (54 MB) or Powerpoint Show file
  • 1) Supplementary info (read first): MS Word file or PDF
  • 2) Self guided study: MS Word file or PDF
  • 3) Self guided study, answer key: MS Word file or PDF
  • 4) Sustainable water quiz: MS Word file or PDF
  • 5) Sustainable water quiz, answer key: MS Word file or PDF
  • 6) IL State Standards- grades 4-8: MS Word file or PDF
  • 7) IL State Standards- High School: MS Word file or PDF
  • 8) World of Water narrative: MS Word file or PDF
  • Links to YouTube videos: Part 1 (12:41), Part 2 (6:41), or Part 3 (10:07)
Earth Partners Workshop

    The curriculum manual was created by local teachers who attended an Earth Partners graduate class-- Water Issues and Conservation Measures: Lessons for Teaching Math, Science, & Reading. This kit contains literature, books, student reference materials, science experiment equipment and a manual with lesson plans regarding water issues for the following grades--- K-4, 4-8, 6-8, and 9-12. The manual also includes a listing of current water education websites, extensive bibliography, and an inventory of the Water Kit that is available by contacting Earth Partners, Robbie Berg or Earth Partners 801 N. Country Fair Drive, Champaign, IL 61821.

    This class was funded by the Mahomet Aquifer Consortium. MAC thanks the teachers and Earth Partners for supplying these educational materials.

    Questions or Comments? send a note to Robbie Berg @ Earth Partners

Other Materials & Links
  • Thoughts on water conservation for Champaign County-- read Every Drop Counts.
  • In July 2010, MAC & Earth Partners sponsored a water class to help teachers learn about local water resources and demands and how water use and conservation affects water resources. Click for more info.
  • MAC Spotlight:
    Do you know where your water comes from? A group in Champaign wants their students to be able to answer this question. Sixth-grade students in Champaign’s Unit 4 School District learn where their water comes from (the Mahomet aquifer), where their wastewater goes (discharged to the Salt Fork or the Kaskaskia River), and how human activity affects water resources. The students learn the answer to these questions while studying Fresh Water Resources, a 5-week science education unit. Fresh Water Resources was developed by Kristin Camp, K-12 Science and Health Curriculum Coordinator for the District, three teachers-- Natasha Harroff, Jen Mathis, and Donna Peyton, and a MAC technical consultant, George Roadcap. The students enjoy this science unit because it has a local tie-in, using a Powerpoint presentation developed by Dr. Roadcap. This presentation shows photos of the water wells that supply water in Champaign, the wastewater treatment plants and other important hydrologic features that student’s have seen in their community. To learn more about Fresh Water Resources, contact Kristin Camp. If your schools do a great job teaching students about water resources, let us know about. Email your MAC Spotlight material to the webmaster.
  • WILL AM 580 special report, The water we rely on: discusses the water supply in central Illinois. Bill Hammack reports. These reports can be played via links on WILL's website.
  • Groundwater FAQs: We try to answer some common questions about groundwater. [Email the Webmaster with a suggestion for another FAQ.]
       1) 8 groundwater words to know
       2) The hydrologic cycle
       3) Water wells & well interference
  • USGS glossary of water science terms
  • USGS Water Science for Schools-- includes the water cycle in more than 60 languages
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